Self Sustainable Decentralized Economy

You Are Not A Slave

End Inequality. Build an Augmented Future.

What is SSDE

Our current social-economic regime is a resource bound one and feeds on inequality and oppression and is unsustainable. SSDE - Self Sustainable Decentralized Economy - transforms and augments our current centralized economy from a resource bound one to a human value bound one. The SSDE movement's ultimate goal is to build an egalitarian society on the principles of anti-coercion, individual sovereign rights and universal sentient values.

Road To The Future

3500 BC ~ 1750 BC

Agricultral Age

Cities emerge. People exchange value on a moderate scale.

1500 AD ~ 1800 AD

Mercantile Age

Modern nation states emerge. Nations trade heavily across oceans.

1760 AD ~ 1840 AD

Industrial Age

Mass production with machines. Industrial products dominate world trade. Colonialism proliferates.

1946 AD ~ 1964 AD

Information Age

Automation with computers. The Internet emerges. People trade online with virtual goods.

2008 AD ~ 2019 AD

SSDE Age begins

Internet centralized. Bitcoin happens. A.I. renaissance happens. World in economic/political turmoil. SSDE ready to start.